Sand Tracks Member Charter

Members Charter

You as a Member agree to the following conduct code.

Even crazy ideas are worth airing. If someone wants to propose something crazy then please let them. We encourage you to be supportive of people's dreams. Which doesn't mean you need to agree with them but you can still help them on their journey. It does mean that bullying, harassment and abuse are not acceptible.
Everyone has a right to their own opinion. Respect others opinions regardless of their age, lifestyle, religious beliefs, sexuality, abilities, race etc. is expected of Members.
We're certainly not a prudish crowd and as Australians we've been known to swear a lot more than most. We do encourage you to show your passion but avoid disrepectful or vulgar language. Obviously sexualised images aren't acceptable. There are youth members in the group. (We have worked with entrepreneurs as young as 8 years of age). Please respect that some members may be quite young and ensure your language is moderate.
Stick to the truth. We know its tempting to embellish stories sometimes but providing false and misleading statements can lead you undoing, let alone being illegal in many countries. (We don't want that). While nothing Members post is considered advice we don't wantyou to develop great relationships with other members only to let them down with a big fib.
Respect the confidentiality of other Club Members. They may not want their stuff taken to world just yet. Of course, if you think you have a hot lead or great opportunity for them please ask them first before you share their stuff with someone else outside the group.
OK, we know the law can be an ass at times but its still the law. And its up to you to know the law applicable to you. We can't condone illegal activities so if you're involved in any please keep them out of the Club and off the forums. Its worth remembering that laws are different amongst various countries. What is legal in your country may be illegal in others. Acknowledging and remaining mindful of this fact may actually open up markets and opportunities for you in other locations.
We all love a good promotion, opportunity or discount but please keep your promotions in context to the discussion. Naked and repeated promotions can become annoying or distracting and will be deleted as not being supportive of the Club's value. So, what do we mean by contextual? Well, consider the scenario where a member is asking for help in, say 'carbon fiber' printing and your company actually provides carbon fiber printing services. It may be appropriate for you to let the other Members know that you have a certain expertise in this area and that further you have specific services that they may find useful. That certainly sounds like contextual promotion to us.


Last updated 22 August 2018