Small Business Grants

Finding & Winning Small Business Grants

Let's face it, most startup businesses are underfunded.
Winning small business grants or competitions is a great way to get some valueable cash into your business. Let alone publicity.
Our specialist services helps you find small business grants, apply for them, and deliver the reporting that most organisation require.

small business grants

Small Business Grants are allocations of money given to you or your business for a particular purpose or project. Often in the startup phase they are support from government or large business to help get you started faster than you could otherwise. Some grants have stringent requirements while others are broad. Some are competitive and some are first-in, best-dressed. Grants generally are not repaid but are often staggered in the handing over of the money into tranches depending on your achievement of each specific phase of the purpose.

Depending on the Grantors wishes Small Business Grants are often easier ways for new businesses to gain funds into their business. Selling to your first customers might be hard until you develop or refine your products or sales formula. Borrowing money is often hard until you've got hard assets to offer as collaterol to lenders. Investors may not want to konw you until you have something more proven or substatioal to show.

Growing the local economy and keeping people off expensive government welfare programs is one of the big reasons governments often provide small business grants. Large Corporations often wish to stimulate better supplies of products & services in the region of their offices, factories and mines for their own gain so have a vested interest in helping small business develop around them.

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