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Welcome to SAND TRACKS


Marcus Eikeland


Acceleration, Design Thinking, Blockchain, Venture Capital, Entrepreneurship


Matthias Bartholdi

West Africa, Bolivia

Tourism, NGO, Social Enterprise, AgriTech, Startups, Hostels, Cross-Cultural.


Dean Dobson


Software, Development, Team Building, Middleware, Enterprise Sales, IoT, AI, Microsoft.


Tami Holzman

California, USA

Publishing, Startups, Entertainment, Television, Branding, Investment, CMO.


Paul Gibbs


Aviation, Marketing, Retail, AviationTech, Stakeholder Management, Sports.


Linda McCall

Australia, France

Airlines, Healthtech, Digital, Mindset. Worked in Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong & Australia.


Viki Forrest

Silicon Valley

Acceleration, Design Thinking, Blockchain, Venture Capital, Entrepreneurship


Mark Phillips

Australia, France

Tourism, SAAS, Hardware, Startups, Investment, Enterprise Sales, Strategy.


Souleymane Icha


Oil, Investment, Tourism, Hospitality, NGO, Stakeholder Management.


Greg Searle

Sunshine Coast, Australia

Publishing, Startups, Entertainment, Television, Branding, Investment, CMO.


Jono Brake

North Carolina USA

Marketing, executive coaching, mindset, teamwork, clients from Kazahkstan to Uganda.


Sebastian Cerone


Airlines, Healthtech, Digital, Mindset. Worked in Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong & Australia.

20+ Globally Experienced Mentors

Dozens of global businesses built.
1,000+ startups mentored.
Increased momentum is the focus.

For only $4990 a year (or $1490 a quarter) 10 of your clients will each receive 24 x 7 online mentoring from mentors spread worldwide.


Imagine 10 of your clients each receiving 1 full year's mentoring for a group total of only $4,990. ($499 ea) SAND TRACKS is designed to make world class startup mentoring available to every startup founder & every incubation hub.


Communicate with the mentors 24 x 7 securely via Slack. Write, speak or record a video to ask questions to the mentor team spread around the world. Timezone difficulties and meeting scheduling become a thing of the past so you can tackle problem in real time.


The SAND TRACKS team of startup mentors are exceptional entrepreneurs with extensive experience. All of them run their own businesses, have created their own business, and have learned the hard way. Many of them creating truly innovative and standout businesses.


The SAND TRACKS team has traveled over 100 countries meeting thousands of potentially great entrepreneurs. We know from first hand experience that access to local world class mentors in many towns and cities around the world is virtually non-existent. So we specifically designed SAND TRACKS for remote and regional founders.


Imagine having an additional 20 or 30 globally experienced mentors to call upon to assist your clients accelerate their businesses. SAND TRACKS complements perfectly your in-person programs and local mentors.


There are no 'Yesterdays Heroes' here. Every one of our mentors is still actively engaged in building modern, tech-enabled businesses. Its in our blood. So clients learn contemporary business building techniques not 20th century relics. We're on top of the latest technologies and techniques too, like IoT, VR, AI and social media marketing.

We've Worked With Hubs, and Small & Large Companies

Hundreds of companies are thrilled with the results

"As an entrepreneur finding my feet in the startup world, Mark was pivotal in paving my current direction. His recent mentoring night on Information Memorandums, was extremely eye opening and hugely beneficial to understanding what the path ahead will look like. I will continue to use Business In Bare Feet to drive my business and certainly will recommend Mark to anyone looking at turning their business dreams into reality."

Athol Hann
Founder - AtholTech

Heading off into the unknown can be daunting, or exciting. Discovering new knowledge yourself is rewarding, unless someone has beaten you.

Since 2004 Business in Bare Feet has delivered strategies, constant support, insights and connections to companies in many industries including professional services, technology, manufacturing, health, medical, mining, tourism, food, pet care and energy.

Our SAND TRACKS Mentoring Team is highly experienced and right across the world's latest technology and business trends. Our focus is to deliver highly affordable, world-class, business mentoring to passionate founders.

How it Works

Annual & Quarterly Subscriptions

Choose between annual subscriptions (12 months) and quarterly subscriptions (3 months).

Packs of 10 Users

Hubs can purchase discount subscriptions in multiples of 10 users. Known as a 10-pack each contain 10 individual user subscriptions for you to issue to your clients.

Sign up and Save 40%

Sign up on behalf of 10 of your Founders (10-pack) and save 40% off standard retail. You'll save $350 per person on each yearly subscription. Subscribe for either 1 year ($4990) or 1 quarter ($1490).
* 12 month retail subscription priced at $849 per user

90 day Subscription Window

Pre-purchase your 10-packs and issue each subscription within 90 days of purchase. Individual subscriptions commence on day of issue not day of purchase.

1 Free Account for Your Hub

With each 10-pack your Hub gets 1 free account yourself. Either use it for guidance for your own team or to ask questions on behalf of other clients.

Use as Prizes

Reward your outstanding clients with an awesome bonus, a SAND TRACKS subscription. Add global mentoring into your hackathon prizes.

Mix & Match

Purchase multiple 10-packs for different uses. Perhaps you want to give 3 month subscriptions to Hackathon winners or Incubation Program participants whilst rewarding your resident clients with yearly subscriptions.

Gain Worldwide Mentors

Gain access to even more worldly mentors. Tap into market knowledge all around the world as well as decades of startup experience from people that have built their own global startups.

Group Buy

Co-ordinate a group buy on behalf of 10 of your members and extend them a great saving. Zero impact on your bottom line yet adds distinctive value to each of your clients.

Bonus eBook: The First 100 Days

Set aside 3 hours to read your free eBook 'The First 100 Days' detailing the keys to getting started and a client's first 'Quarterly Execution Plan'.

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