Sand Tracks

Startup Mentoring Club

When you are just starting on your entrepreneurial journey and not quite sure where to begin you probably want to conserve your precious resources, yet build momentum.

You want to learn a lot before going full bore. Experienced entrepreneurs and business mentors are great people to guide you. And often brilliant if you have access to some. Sadly, startup founders in regional parts of the world often find however that local expirenced mentors are too hard to find or too busy to assist.

Which is why we created SAND TRACKS as an affordable, online, global, group mentoring club.

Based around the Slack software platform we've added over 25 hand-picked mentors from around the world. All our mentors are successful entrepreneurs in their own right across different industries, markets and technologies.

For less than $1000 a year you can ask them questions, float ideas and debate strategies, technologies, techniques and much more.

Simply post your message, audio or video into the Sand Tracks app and see what the mentors have to say. You'll find their global perspective and support a breath of fresh air.

Cross the desert by following in our tracks.

Business in Bare Feet

Help When you Need It

Business Models 45

Web Development28

Validation Techniques76

Technology Support46


Finance & Equity29

Contacts & Connections68

Market Idenitification & Analysis34

Bootstrapping Techniques26