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Are you out there plotting your own path?

Heading off into the wilderness of business and maybe getting a little lost?

Not sure which way to go or do next? This is where our global mentor team can help you navigate the shifting sands of modern business.

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Sand Tracks

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Very soon we'll offer a Special Trial Price of $149 a quarter (or lock in $688 for the year) to the first few members. Application fees are waived right now too. You get 3 (or 12) months access to our global team of startup mentors at an even better price.


Sand Tracks is an exclusive startup mentoring club.

Its stacked full of adventurous, successful, startup mentors from around the world. All ready to help you navigate your startup and the shifting sands of business.

At Business in Bare Feet we're working with some of the most exciting and adventurous startup founders around. As we travel regional parts of the world we do enormous amounts of business mentoring for both paying clients and volunteer work with NGOs like non-profit incubators and groups like the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women.

These startups are spread all around the world. From the Sahara to London. From the Philippines to Kazakhstan. And right across regional Australia.

Each year hundreds of founders, digital nomads and Adventurous Entrepreneurs tell us they want more business mentoring but either don't have local mentors available or can't afford private mentoring.

Business in Bare Feet are now pleased to announce SAND TRACKS. An affordable, online, group mentoring club for adventurous startup founders.

An online Club you can discuss your strategy or needs with skilled mentors, successful entrepreneurs & other passionate startups. A global network that can guide you on navigating the shifting sands of business.

All accessible 24x7 from your phone or computer. All for less than US$1000 a year.

We've assembled a team of dozens of mentors spread right around the world. Across many industries. Across many technologies & areas of business.

We begin with signing you up and getting you invited to our private Slack workspace. Next we supply you with getting started tips like our ebook The First 100 Days, containing powerful concepts like Quarterly Execution Plans and some discount offers to save your piggy bank. Then you get to lay out your issues for the group, and mentors, to discuss, and comment on.

Who knows you may even get connected with actual customers or partners on the other side of the world. All the time we're feeding you bite sized acceleration snippets and practical examples of how others are delighting their customers & clients.

With SAND TRACKS assistance you'll be leveraging countless years of successful business experience, not just from your home country, but from right around the globe. For less than $3 a day.

If this sounds like the perfect answer to helping you start or scale your business, please reserve your spot now.

As you know change is the only constant we have in the business world and if you want to rise above the rest you need to adapt to fit in with the new realities.

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